Mask Making

I design costumes for our theatre and dance company, Sun.Ergos, and design and create masks from recycled materials that I might have around the house.

This workshop in mask making will teach you how to create your own mask for characters from design through to building it and painting and decorating: half masks, frontal masks, whole-head masks, body masks.

Mask Making Workshop:

Four 3-hour sessions on 2 weekends for $120 plus GST per person

  • 1st weekend: 3 hours – design/build + 3 hours – papier-maché
  • 2nd weekend: 3 hours – painting + 3 hours – final detailing and decoration

For dates and venue information please call 1.800.743.3351

I’ll provide hot-glue guns, white glue, telephone books for papier-maché, a modest amount of paints, cutting tools, shears, sketching tablets for designing

You provide your interest, enthusiasm, imagination, any material you might have and an open mind to try ideas!

Materials you can bring to the sessions:

  • Clean 4-litre milk bottles or clean 2-litre milk bottles
  • Bottle caps, big buttons, styrofoam balls of all sizes (if you happen to have them)
  • Pipe cleaners, drinking straws, yarns, rope of various thicknesses, and anything else that is 3-dimensional that you think of that might useful be to create relevant shapes for the costume you want to build