Build a Costume from What You Have

Many times during the year, many parents and children are faced with the situation of creating costumes for events in their lives, at school or for holidays. Unlike some who can buy whatever they want, many are on very restricted budgets. Many don’t know exactly what to do on a shoestring – much less how to do it. So, what if there were a series of workshops for relatively inexpensive fees that would give you some tools for just such occasions – are you ready to play?

This workshop in costume design will give you a solid understanding of fabrics and creating patterns out of old sheeting. I took a workshop at Banff several years ago from Irene Corey who taught pattern making by using sheeting on the bias – it works for anything and everything you can imagine. I also design costumes for our theatre and dance company, Sun.Ergos, and design and create masks from recyclable materials that I find around the house.

Costume Workshop:

Duration: 4 hours on a weekend
Cost: $50 plus GST
For dates and venue information please call 1.800.743.3351

For this workshop you will need to bring old, clean sheets, fabrics or fabric scraps, and straight pins.

I’ll provide hot-glue guns, white glue, telephone books for papier-maché, a modest amount of paints, cutting tools, shears, sketching tablets for designing.

You provide your interest, your enthusiasm, imagination, any material you might have, and an open-mind to try ideas!

Minimum 8 people per workshop. Be sure to check out the mask making workshops as well!