I’ve been involved in the arts since I was five years old, singing, acting, dancing, drawing, writing poetry, painting and building things in space.

What I have learned is that if we do not practice the observational skills in the arts, we lose our sense of humanity, compassion, empathy, our love of life and creating. Without the arts, we have nothing. Everything around us we have designed through the arts. Without them we are naked. We have no culture.

Because I believe each of us is an artist, I want to offer workshops that allow us to develop our skills to more fully enjoy our lives and allow us to be creative.

Drawing & Painting:

  1. Rhythm Drawings in Large Format
  2. Vector Drawings in Large Format
  3. Portrait Drawings in Large Format
  4. Pathway Drawings in Large Format
  5. Landscape Drawings in large format
  6. Painting with Acrylics

Theatre Arts Design:

  1. Build a Costume from What You Have
  2. Costume Design
  3. Mask Making
  4. Set Design
  5. Prop Design
  6. Directing
  7. Acting
  8. One-on-One Coaching