RGG Gallery: Paintings

RGG Gallery: Paintings

RGG Gallery: Paintings

This gallery shows Robert Greenwood as an eminent painter, and in particular an exceptionally talented landscape painter. Residing in the foothills region of Alberta, Canada, Bob is most influenced by his surroundings – mountains, trees, rivers and wildlife.

His primary media of choice is acrylics, however he frequently explores other media and often works in mult-media.

If you wish to study with Bob you will find workshops in both landscape drawing and in painting with acrylics that will help you to fulfill your own passion for capturing the colours and textures of the world around you.

To view the gallery full screen, click on the small icon with 4 arrows in the top left corner of the gallery preview box. To return to the site simply click on the 4 arrow icon in the top left corner of your screen or choose the ‘escape’ button on your keyboard.



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