I’ve been involved in the arts since I was five years old, singing, acting, dancing, drawing, writing poetry, painting and building things in space.

It is my hope that we may share ideas, techniques, concepts that enlarge and enhance our lives in the arts, visual and theatrical.

During my lifetime, I have found that the arts give us so much more perspective, so much more joy, conviction and commitment to everything that is human, that is compassionate and empathetic. What I have learned is that if we do not practice the observational skills in the arts, we lose that sense of humanity, compassion, empathy, our love of life and creating.

Whatever we share in the arts, it makes us all so much richer for the experience. Valcav Havel said it best, “A country with no culture, is no country.” I think we can safely say, “A person with no culture, is not a whole person, certainly not a civilized one.”

Without the arts, we have nothing. Everything around us we have designed through the arts. Without them we are truly naked.

Because I believe each of us is an artist. I want to offer ideas and workshops that allow us to develop our skills, to more fully enjoy our lives and allow us to be creative.

So, welcome to a site of colour, imagination, ideas, experience, commitment and conviction.

Note that the medal shown in the banner above is the REDOM DANICE HRVATSKE S LIKOM MARKA MARULICA, the highest cultural award from Croatia, which I received in 2004 from the President of Croatia.

Enjoy! and if you find something that intrigues you, please contact me.

Thank you.

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